Open Up to the IP World

 i740* “The manager”
The i740 is a multi-line and multi-key set perfectly suited to the management of a huge number of calls. This comprehensive and high-performance phone is easy to use thanks to its GSM-type navigation ergonomics.

The i740 set is the first within the range to offer a full duplex hands-free function and a headset socket.

i760* “Open-ended evolution”
The i760 set, mainly meant to handle a large number of calls, benefits from major technological innovations. For instance, it has an alphabetical keypad for managing and accessing directories.  The i760 is particularly scalable and can be completed using expansion modules with 20 programmable keys: M710 and M715; this latter contains the DECT charger.

* Also exists in digital version (M740, M760)


Advantages of NeXspan IP phones:

  • User-friendly ergonomics
    • Possibility of assigning a specific ring tone to a caller’s number
    • Management of personal directories

  • Headset socket: for call center operators
    • Automatic headset detection
    • Functions offered: sound adjustment, mute key, flip-flop function (changing from handsfree mode to headset mode), supervision in headset mode with the handset, discreet listening on the handset for operator training

  • High-quality handsfree function: "full duplex" echo cancellation

  • Interactive display



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